Wills and Probates


Make sure your money and assets go where you want them to go. Make it as easy as possible for those loved ones you leave behind.


Appoint your own executors or if you prefer either Julia Lappage, Stephen Denham or this firm can act as your sole executor or jointly with another individual.


  • Joint executors

  • Sole executors



As a guide a basic individual Will including a meeting and Inheritance Tax advice starts from £250.00 Plus VAT and a married couples mirror Will is from £425.00 Plus VAT, but wills can be more expensive than this depending upon the complexity of the estate planning and individual circumstances.


Probate fees will either be charged on a percentage of the gross estate or on an hourly rate basis depending on circumstances.

We aim to give all our clients a professional service and give clear information on costs and services.


Your Will can be stored at this firm for no extra cost.


Lasting Power of Attorney


This firm can also assist you if you want to enter into a Lasting Power of Attorney. 


There are two separate Lasting Power of Attorney’s, these are a Lasting Power of Attorney for Property and Financial matters and a Lasting Power of Attorney for Health and Welfare.  Should you wish to enter into both types of Lasting Power of Attorney two sets of forms will need to be completed.  This firm can act as your Certificate Provider. 


Please contact us and we can give you advice on the costs involved and likely timescale.  We can also advise you on whether the correct course of action is to enter into a Lasting Power of Attorney”

Other related services


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  • Appointment of guardians for children.

  • Bequests of personal belongings and other items

  • Bequests of businesses and shares in private companies.

  • Cash legacies.

  • Discretionary Trusts.

  • Foreign assets

  • Funeral requests.

  • Inheritance Tax planning

  • Trusts

  • Providing for disabled children and adults.

  • Provision for pets.