Privacy Policy


We are a small independent firm of solicitors that prides itself on personal service and quality of advice.  Most of our business is from recommendation and existing clients.

We do not bombard our clients with relentless marketing material and do not mailshot by post or email.  We do not buy mailing lists and we do not release client details without the clients’ consent.



We do keep files for a minimum of 6 years.  Purchase files and Probate files are kept for up to 15 years.  Once we cease holding your files the files are sent for shredding.  

We do have a central list of clients and a note of the type of matter we acted on.  This enables us to keep a record of what we have advised clients on in the past and also assists us to find out whether we still hold a client’s file.


Cookie Policy

We want to provide you with as much information about what we do as can via our website.   We offer facilities to make our interaction with you as easy as possible.

One of the functions of the cookies is to provide us with analytics and  other logistical data about how our website is used and how many pages are visited per visitor and how long they visit for etc. This allows us to identify parts of our website that require attention, for example they are too difficult to find, not interesting or not relevant etc.

As with our privacy policy above we are not using this information for aggressive marketing or targeting, it is just so that we can improve our service to our clients.

Since 2011 it has been law to make it clear to website visitors that cookies are in use and you will be asked to accept that they are there by means of a pop up box on the home page.